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Community-Based Financial Capabilities Part 1 - Groundwork

Community-Based Financial Capabilities Part 1 - Groundwork: Laying the Groundwork

This workshop is part one of a three-part program that helps nonprofit organizations, community groups, and government entities in creating a sustainable financial capabilities program that is tailored to their respective audience. The Laying the Groundwork workshop helps participants determine the need for a financial capabilities program in their community, analyze their particular audience’s needs, and assess their ability to deliver a program.

Workshop Materials

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Each kit provides workshop facilitators with the materials needed to run a workshop straight out of the box, or the choice to adapt any of the detailed presentations, scripts or learner action plans to suit their unique audience’s needs. Here is what you can find in each workshop.

A Presentation

Display these PowerPoint slides during your presentation to keep the workshop engaging and on track.

A Script

Consult the script for tips on how to prepare for your workshop, what your primary talking points will be, and follow-up resources.

Activities and Info Sheets

Guide your workshop participants through the hands-on activities and informational sheets to bring the financial skills to life.

Related Resources

Find additional suggested resources that can help round out your educational offerings.


The FAQ section for each workshop can help answer your questions about working with your intended audience.


I’ve reviewed the other workshop kits on the Financial Workshop Kits website, and this one seems different. Why is that?

Unlike the other workshop kits, which help teach financial capabilities directly to clients, the Blueprint provides organizations with guidance on developing their own financial capabilities programs. You will be presenting to representatives from nonprofit organizations, community groups, and government entities that are developing a tailored financial skills program for the audiences they serve. This workshop kit also consists of three complementary components that work in succession and as stand-alone kits.

Do I need to facilitate all three parts of the Blueprint for Community-Based Financial Capabilities Program?

No, but we hope you do. The three components of the Blueprint present a progression of ideas and concepts to provide maximum benefit for participants. For flexibility, however, each component is designed as a stand-alone workshop kit. This allows participants to attend only the workshop components that apply to their organization.

What assumptions should I make about the financial knowledge of the participants of the Blueprint for Community-Based Financial Capabilities Program?

The workshop participants represent individuals from various nonprofit, civic, and governmental organizations that have a specific client base. The focus should be on the financial capabilities the client base wants to develop. The representatives from these organizations are expected to provide insight into the needs of their clients. However, these individuals have their own relationship with finances as well. Given the sensitive nature of discussing personal finances, NEFE encourages workshop leaders to avoid financial jargon and convey empathy to everyone who has struggled with financial choices.

Do I need to review all three components of the Blueprint for Community-Based Financial Capabilities Program to effectively deliver one?

No. Each component is designed as a stand-alone workshop kit. However, each component is a fundamental thread in the overall fabric of the program. Therefore, facilitators are encouraged to briefly review the other two components so they understand the structure of the program. In a similar fashion, participants are encouraged to attend all three components for the maximum benefit.

I have always wanted to help the public with personal finance capabilities. Is this the right workshop for me?

The Blueprint is actually a train-the-trainer workshop rather than a workshop that is delivered directly to clients. If you want to help organizations develop long-lasting, flexible community programs that address their clients’ needs, this is the workshop for you. On the other hand, if you want to work directly with clients, you might look for other workshops or other volunteer activities.

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