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Are you dedicated to helping people manage their finances?

Financial Workshop Kits can help you reach out to your community by providing the tools and resources needed to deliver financial education information to under served audiences. Here, you have access to workshops, tools, and other resources that can be used separately or together to empower people to make the best financial decisions for their values and unique circumstances.

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40 Money Management Tips

This workshop, based on NEFE’s popular publication 40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know covers goal setting, financial aid, bank accounts, spending plans, credit, debt, savings and identity theft.

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Changing Your Life Through Better Money Management

Personal money management tools for low-income families to begin building a more stable financial future.

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Generations United

Present ways to initiate conversations around personal finance with youth and young adults, while also including family and cultural stories.

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Saving Through Tax Refunds

Help low- and moderate-income individuals get the most out of their annual tax preparation.

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