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Car Buying

Car Buying: Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Reliable transportation helps ensure long-term financial stability. Purchasing a car, however, can be confusing and expensive. With some effort, consumers can find cars that meet their family’s transportation and financial needs by taking time to plan their purchase in advance. This workshop guides participants through the car-buying process, including researching, financing and completing the sale.

Workshop Materials

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Each kit provides workshop facilitators with the materials needed to run a workshop straight out of the box, or the choice to adapt any of the detailed presentations, scripts or learner action plans to suit their unique audience’s needs. Here is what you can find in each workshop.

A Presentation

Display these PowerPoint slides during your presentation to keep the workshop engaging and on track.

A Script

Consult the script for tips on how to prepare for your workshop, what your primary talking points will be, and follow-up resources.

Activities and Info Sheets

Guide your workshop participants through the hands-on activities and informational sheets to bring the financial skills to life.

Related Resources

Find additional suggested resources that can help round out your educational offerings.


The FAQ section for each workshop can help answer your questions about working with your intended audience.


What if I’m not an expert in car buying?

You do not need to be a car-buying expert because the buying process works differently for every individual and is based on his or her needs. One person may be in a position to walk into a car dealership and buy a new car with dealer financing. Another person may save money to pay cash for an inexpensive, used car. Yet another person might use a car broker to help locate a used car that is financed through a credit union loan. What’s important in each of these situations is finding the right car and understanding the financial commitments that come with car ownership.

What if I don’t know much about cars?

This workshop is about helping participants find out how to research all the factors and costs involved in buying a car—it’s not about cars themselves. Using the tools provided in the workshop kit as a guide, your goal is to help participants slow down the car-buying process, consider their options, figure out their financing, and find a great car that works for their family and lasts a long time. One of the most important messages of this workshop is that owning and operating a car comes with many expenses and should not be purchased on impulse.

What if I have never bought a car?

If you have never experienced the car-buying process, perform the steps in this workshop to see what kind of car you might buy and how much it will cost you. You might even go into a car dealership and see what it’s like to talk to a car salesperson. Talk to friends who have cars to find out about any mistakes they’ve made—and also about great decisions they’ve made. An unreliable car that requires expensive repairs can be extremely stressful to own. You want to help participants understand that research can help prevent this stress.

How can I prepare to facilitate this workshop?

Read the script, review the PowerPoint slides, and, if you have time, complete a copy of the worksheets. This will help you see exactly how owning and operating a car fits into a spending plan. In addition, search topics such as “car buying guide” and “car operating costs” online to access the wealth of information out there.

What if someone asks a specific question about a car or a financing option?

Refer participants to and other reliable car-buying resources listed on the Resources guide included with this workshop kit.

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