Adoption: How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option

Many prospective adoptive families are concerned by rumors they hear about adoption, like they must be rich, childless, homeowners capable of paying high legal fees. While these myths easily are dispelled, it is true that pre-adoption and post-adoption expenses can be significant. Fortunately, with proper planning, these expenses can be proactively addressed and managed throughout the adoption process. This workshop provides prospective adoptive families with the financial tools they need to bring an adopted child into their lives, information about the adoption process, the types of adoptions and associated with expenses, financial resources available, and more resources.

Workshop Materials

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Each kit provides workshop facilitators with the materials needed to run a workshop straight out of the box, or the choice to adapt any of the detailed presentations, scripts or learner action plans to suit their unique audience’s needs. Here is what you can find in each workshop.

A Presentation

Display these PowerPoint slides during your presentation to keep the workshop engaging and on track.

A Script

Consult the script for tips on how to prepare for your workshop, what your primary talking points will be, and follow-up resources.

Activities and Info Sheets

Guide your workshop participants through the hands-on activities and informational sheets to bring the financial skills to life.

Related Resources

Find additional suggested resources that can help round out your educational offerings.


The FAQ section for each workshop can help answer your questions about working with your intended audience.


If I have not adopted a child, will I still be able to deliver a helpful presentation to this audience?

Just because you have not gone through the process of adoption does not mean you cannot empathize with others. If you have friends or family who have adopted, or if you have considered adopting a child, you have some familiarity with what it takes. If you are adopted, you can bring that empathy and understanding into your presentation.

Do I have to be particularly careful about my appearance before the presentation? That is, will my clothes and the overall way I look be a problem when it comes to being respectful to this audience?

It is a good idea to dress professionally, yet modestly. Your audience may include people from a wide socio-economic range. Simply remember that you are a financial expert or community leader, and the job you volunteered for is to help your audience learn about the financial aspects of adoption.

Is there anything in particular I should emphasize in the workshop? What if a participant asks a question that I cannot answer?

As mentioned previously, you may have people in your workshop from a range of backgrounds. The information in this workshop is designed to cover the basics of financial planning prior to making the decision to adopt a child. For additional financial education information, you can refer them to the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) website ( and NEFE’s Smart About Money website ( For additional information about adoption, you can refer them to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption ( and The Adoption Exchange (

If someone has specific questions, especially related to non-financial topics surrounding adoption, you can point them to the Resources handout, which contains many areas to pursue.

Do your best to stay on topic during the presentations, discussions, activities, and question-and-answer periods, while also helping the participants with their specific financial questions.

Family Money Skills

Help low-literacy families gain the critical life skills needed to make smart financial choices.

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Money Management for Adult Learners

Help adult learners identify ways to make continuing education an affordable way to better their life.

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Rebuilding Financially After Domestic Violence

Help domestic violence victims build a financial foundation and make plans for the future.

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Working Women

Designed to give newly-employed women basic information on how to make sound financial decisions.

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