NEFE’s Financial Workshop Kits program will be retiring on Sept. 12, 2019. Please download any workshop materials before that date as this website will no longer be available. For more resources and tools to deliver financial education in your community, visit

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Getting Started

Whether you teach youth, working adults, or those reaching retirement, these credible, non-biased and non-commercial resources help provide information to better serve your audience’s unique needs.


Customizable workshop kits are organized by topic area and include PowerPoint presentations, scripts, handouts, and other resources you might find helpful. Additionally, we provide answers to frequently asked questions about how to effectively reach your specific audience.

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Other Resources

NEFE Tools gives you access to NEFE’s numerous consumer- and practitioner-based programs and resources. Areas of focus range from living on your own for the first time to making decisions about retirement. Piece together content from various tools to create a customized learning experience for your audience.

Case Management Tools are designed to empower case managers who are helping clients, both individuals and families - achieve their financial stability.

Khan Academy Tools provides several dozen finance tutorials, ranging from three to 15 minutes in length. In an easy-to-understand format, these videos explain the basics behind several personal finance topics, such as inflation, taxes, and compound interest. Instructors can use these videos to supplement workshop preparation, to assign to participants as “homework,” or to share in a workshop as an additional instructional aid.

Retirement TLC is a three-step process for increasing retirement plan participation that fosters financial stability, greater participation in retirement savings plans and helps ensure a more focused and productive workforce.

Retirement Series Workshops

The Retirement Series is a set of eight workshops that explores each of the eight decision areas highlighted in NEFE’s consumer Web resource These retirement decisions work together to either produce or reduce retirement income that ultimately makes up an individual’s retirement paycheck. Put another way, these decisions directly affect how much a person can pay themselves throughout their retirement years.

By making informed decisions across all aspects of retirement planning, workshop participants can make their nest egg last longer and can achieve greater financial well-being in retirement.

Video Resources for Presenters

Financial Workshop Kits is designed to help you effectively teach money management skills to those you serve in your community. These videos will help you maximize your workshops about financial skills as a facilitator, teacher or community volunteer.

Financial Workshop Kits is a program of the National Endowment for Financial Education ® (NEFE®). To learn more about NEFE, its history, its funding, and other ways we work to support financial literacy, visit us at