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Retirement TLC

Increase retirement plan participation at your company with TLC's Three-Step Process. By fostering financial stability, greater participation in retirement savings plans helps ensure a more focused and productive workforce. 

1. TargetPie chart showing the letter 'T' highlighted in one third

When you focus your efforts on specific groups that share common traits, you can create tailored materials that yield greater results.

2. ListenPie chart showing the letter 'L' highlighted in one third

Your employees have beliefs and concerns that keep them from participating in savings plans. Listening is key to understanding how you can help.

3. CreatePie chart showing the letter 'C' highlighted in one third

Once you know what's stopping your employees from enrolling in savings plans, you can create materials tailored to addressing their questions and concerns.

4. Putting It All Together

Social marketing isn't new, but applying it to the problem of low enrollment in savings plans is. Applying social marketing principles in the TLC approach can help HR professionals make significant gains in savings participation.

5. Working With Results

If your materials are helping overcome barriers to savings plans participation, you should see higher participation in current enrollments as compared to past years and/or your control group(s) (if used).

6. Outside Resources

A library of resources to help you achieve your goal.