Family Money Skills

Help low-literacy families gain the critical life skills needed to make smart financial choices.

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Money Management for Adult Learners

Help adult learners identify ways to make continuing education an affordable way to better their life.

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Rebuilding Financially After Domestic Violence

Help domestic violence victims build a financial foundation and make plans for the future.

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Working Women

Designed to give newly-employed women basic information on how to make sound financial decisions.

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Tools for Financial Educators

If you teach money management skills as part of your career and you enjoy helping groups, schools, and organizations enhance their financial education curricula by providing presentations, courses, and activities, then Financial Workshop Kits is for you. Financial Workshop Kits helps save time in developing presentations by providing quality, noncommercial, free, and customizable raw materials to reach a variety of audiences. The workshop kits available to you will add more specificity and relevance to the populations you serve. And instead of creating new presentations, you can use your time and energy to focus on teaching, counseling, or coaching.

Get started with these resources:
Financial Workshop Kits
Smart About Money
My Retirement Paycheck
NEFE Evaluation Toolkit